STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit. prepares “Country Guidelines Romania” for Bayern Handwerk International

Bayern Handwerk International (BHI) is a company of the Bavarian Chamber of Crafts, which is sponsored by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economy, Media, Energy, and Technology and offers support for Bavarian craftsmen’s businesses in market development and contract execution abroad. BHI in turn cooperates with the CBBL network, of which STALFORT is the exclusive member for Romania.


At the beginning of April BHI published the “Country Guidelines Romania”, which were written in their entirety by STALFORT.


The guidelines summarise the most important regulations and helpful checklists regarding foreign operations for craftsmen’s businesses. They clarify essential practice-oriented issues relating to doing business in Romania. Separate chapters are dedicated to Construction and Installation Works, Foreign Posting of Employees, Public Procurement, Tax Framework and Contract Design and Execution.


You can download the guidelines (in German) here as a PDF file or request them directly from BHI at



STALFORT presentation at Eco-Impuls 2015 in Timişoara

On 3 December 2015, 6 pm, the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK) organises an information event with several presentations. On behalf of STALFORT, Peter Schnabl, auditor and tax consultant, will deliver a presentation entitled “Changes in tax law“. He will address the main changes in the Romanian fiscal legislation which come into force at the turn of the year. The presentation will be held in German, simultaneous translation into Romanian is provided.


The event note of the AHK can be found here, the event agenda here. Do not hesitate to contact us for details.



STALFORT presentation at Eco-Impuls 2015 in Timişoara

On October 1st and 2nd 2015, the conference “Eco-Impuls 2015”, focused on “Large infrastructure projects”, took place in Timisoara before a large Romanian-German audience. It was organized by Aquademica, a German-Romanian foundation which was established by the Munich wastewater management enterprise “Münchner Stadtentwässerung” and its Timişoara counterpart. Aquademica is dedicated to research, education and training in the water management domain and regularly organises conferences.


At this event, Christian Weident delivered a presentation entitled “Infrastructure projects – legal challenges and possible approaches”, looking at existing problems and ideas for improvement in the areas which are important in this field. Focal points of the presentation were the public procurement law, which will change in the near future, and public-private partnerships. Do not hesitate to contact us for details.



Romania-Day of the Environmental Agency of Bavaria with a presentation by STALFORT

On 8 July 2015 Romania will be again – after five years – in the centre of the conference organised by the Environmental Agency of Bavaria.


The event will enable internationally active companies to efficiently exchange information and experiences regarding water management, environment, infrastructure and other fields in Romania.


Christian Weident from STALFORT will deliver a speech entitled “Legal framework for doing business in Romania” halten.


The event will take place in Munich, at the water treatment plant Gut Großlappen, Freisinger Landstraße 187. The participation is free of charge.


For details an questions please contact the department “Technology Transfer Water” of the Environmental Agency of Bavaria by telephone at +49 92 81 1800 4507 or by e-mail at


Please find the programme of the conference as well as a a registration form (in German) here.



Presentations on 21.05.2015 at the “Demo Metal 2015” in Braşov

At the “Demo Metal 2015”, the largest trade fair for metal processing in Romania, STALFORT shall contribute with two presentations in Romanian language on 21.05.2015: Adina Zdru shall present "Tax and accounting news", and Christian Weident shall speak about "Legal update - News, Changes and Tendencies".



First members meeting of DWS in 2015 with presentation by Mrs. Adina Zdru on current tax law issues

The first members meeting of the German Business Club Transylvania (DWS) in 2015 shall take place on 21st of January in Sibiu. During this event STALFORT, represented by Mrs. Adina Zdru, will hold a presentation on the topic of „New year amendments in the fields of accounting and tax law“. The subject is of particular interest considering that the Romanian fiscal authorities have adopted, as usual, at the end of last year a series of short notice amendments, all of which shall enter into force in 2015.



STALFORT represented in the international CEE Tax Group

LeitnerLeitner, one of the leading tax consultancy and audit firms in the Austrian and Eastern European arena, has launched the international working group „CEE Tax Group“. The group aims at ensuring international cooperation in tax law matters, improving the cross-border understanding of these issues, expanding the know-how and consequently providing added value for clients. STALFORT, the exclusive partner of LeitnerLeitner in Romania, was represented by Mrs. Adina Zdru at the first successful event organized by this group on 05.12.2014.



STALFORT provides opportunities for German “trainee lawyers” (Rechtsreferendare)

The law firm STALFORT offers interested German „trainee lawyers“ the opportunity to perform part of their education (elective practical stage) in the Bucharest office of the company. Together with further members of the international network CBBL, to which STALFORT belongs, the law firm is registered on the list of the foreign training law firms (Anwaltsblatt). For details please see:

Contact person is Mr. Christian Weident, attorney at law DE.



Dr. Raluca Oprisiu, attorney at law, informs on obstacles for renewable energies as part of the project „Keep on Track“

The project "Keep on Track" ordered by the European Commission aims at helping the EU member states to reach their development targets until 2020. It started in 2012 and provides recent market data as well as an analysis of the obstacles for the development of the renewable energies sector with the final goal of recommending suitable approaches in this field. Country reports shall be drafted in order to depict the obstacles for the expansion of renewable energies in each member state. Mrs. Raluca Oprisiu, attorney at law for STALFORT, contributed to putting together the perspective on Romania for 2013/2014 from a legal viewpoint.

The publishing can be accessed here.



Mr. Christian Weident, attorney at law, holds legal presentation on 24.02.2014 in Düsseldorf at „unternehmer nrw“

„unternehmer nrw“, the Federation of Business Associations from Nordrhein-Westfallen (Landesvereinigung der Unternehmensverbände NRW) is organizing on 24.02.2014 in Düsseldorf a state workshop for Romania. Mr. Christian Weident, attorney at law for STALFORT, will hold an exclusive presentation on legal issues for Romania. His lecture entitled „Update on Romanian law - general and labour law framework conditions“ will focus on recent legal developments with practical implications as well as on an overview of the labour law in Romania, as severely amended in 2011.



Dr. Raluca Oprisiu lectures on public procurement law at beginning of the year

Dr. Raluca Oprisiu, attorney at law, will hold a presentation on the recent amendments and relevant practical implications of the public procurement law on 15.01.2014 at the German Business Club Transylvania (DWS). Mrs. Andrada Harangus, attorney at law, has already lectured on this important legal field at the DWNT meeting in Cluj-Napoca. The law firm is currently particularly active in this field of law.



BME publishes an overview of the Romanian purchasing law written by STALFORT

The German Association Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics e.V. (BME) is editor of the series "Global purchasing - An overview of the purchasing law". In July 2014, a country report on Romania written by Dr. Raluca-Isabela Oprisiu, attorney at law and head of STALFORT’s Sibiu office, has been published. The paper provides an overview of specific legal issues including legal system, accession to the CISG, enforcement agreements, mandatory law and freedom of contract, general terms and conditions, delivery time (delay, damages), warranty, liability, intellectual property, ownership rights (tools, materials provided), place of fulfilment, Incoterms, jurisdiction and arbitration as well as insolvency law. The full text of the country report in German language can be found here.



STALFORT enters into exclusive partnership with LeitnerLeitner

As of 01.01.2014 STALFORT. Legal. Tax. Audit. has begun an exclusive cooperation with LeitnerLeitner, one of the most influential tax consulting and auditing companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

We are happy about the collaboration with LeitnerLeitner, which opens up new possibilities for providing our clients with cross-border services involving other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

If you would like to learn more about this cooperation, please contact Mrs. Cristiana Stalfort, Managing Partner, or visit



STALFORT is the exclusive CBBL member for Romania

The law firm STALFORT has recently become a member of the Cross Border Business Lawyers (CBBL), a worldwide network of German speaking business law firms specialized on advising investors from the German arena in their business abroad. Only one law firm in each country can become a member and such is carefully selected. We are happy to have been accepted as members, which is equally advantageous for the law firm and our clients.
For further information on CBBL and our membership please contact Mr. Christian Weident, or visit



Three presentations from STALFORT at the RENEXPO-exposition in Bucharest

In the period 20.-22.11.2013 Bucharest hosted the 6th edition of RENEXPO, the International Trade Fair for renewable energy and energy efficiency. STALFORT, which has been very active in this sector, has contributed with the following legal presentations on relevant topics:

  • Andrada Harangus: Legal Framework for Photovoltaic Power Plants in Romania
    (5th International Conference – Solar Energy in Romania;);
  • Dr. Raluca Oprisiu: Current legal conditions for Biomass Projects in Romania
    (6th International Conference – Biomass in Romania;);
  • Andrada Harangus: Legal Framework for Small Hydropower Plant Projects and Current Legal issues
    (6th International Conference - Small Hydropower Plants in Romania).



STALFORT presents the current legislation on public procurement law at DWNT

On 05.12.2013 the members of the German Business Club North Transylvania (DWNT) will organize their next meeting in Cluj-Napoca. On behalf of STALFORT Mrs. Andrada Harangus, LL.M, attorney at law, will hold a presentation on the topic "Public procurement. News and practical aspects". The law firm has been particularly active in this area, which is currently of major importance.



STALFORT article on corporate law published in the German magazine GmbH-Rundschau

The article entitled "Administration of group companies by shareholders instruction in de facto groups – possibilities and boundaries in Germany and selected EU-states" (coordinator: Prof. Dr. Jörg Rodewald, Sarah Paulat, LL.M., both Luther attorneys at law) was published in the German magazine GmbH- Rundschau no. 10/2013. The report on Romanian corporate law was put together with the contribution of Mr. Mihail Macovei and Mr. Christian Weident, attorneys at law for STALFORT.



Podium discussion on SME-funding with Mr. Christian Weident, attorney at law, at the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK) on 07.05.2013

During the members meeting of the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 07.05.2013 a podium discussion on the topic "Legislation and funding of SME" was held. The State Secretary competent in this field, Mrs. Anca Laura Ionescu, Mr. Dragos Anastasiu, Mr. Daniel Metz and Mr. Christian Weident, attorney at law for STALFORT, participated in the discussion.


The subject of the discussion was old and new legislative plans for funding small and medium size enterprises ("SME") in Romania.


Mr. Weident presented the so called "Small Business Act", a document of the European Commission regulating the harmonized and efficient funding of SME in the entire European arena, which has not yet been transposed into the local legislation by Romania, and proposed at the same time legal and tax measures for its implementation.


Photo: Valeriu Pana



Business forum "Renewable energies and environmental investments in Romania" in the German Parliament house in Berlin on 12.04.2013 with three legal presentations by STALFORT

For the fourth consecutive year the conference "Renewable energies and environmental investments in Romania" organized on April 12th by the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation and with the support of the law firm STALFORT in the German Parliament house in Berlin was a big success. The event was organized under the patronage of the German Ministry for Economy and Technology (BMWi).


Over 130 German and Romanian representatives from the field of politics, law and economy were present at the event, among which Mr. Gunther Krichbaum, MdB and Chairman of the Commission for EU Affairs of the German Parliament, Mr. Stefan Kapferer, State Secretary of the German Ministry for Economy and Technology, Mr. Lazar Comanescu, Romanian Ambassador in the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Maricel Popa, State Secretary in the Romanian Ministry of Economy and Mr. Nicolae Havrilet, President of the Romanian regulatory authority ANRE. Three attorneys at law held presentations on legal topics on behalf of the law firm STALFORT.


There is concern on the Romanian market for renewable energies. Following the recent overcompensation report of the regulatory authority ANRE the number of green certificates for certain RES-technologies will most likely be reduced. The date as of which such reduction shall be applied is unknown at present time. The draft of a Government Emergency Ordinance (GEO), which foresees among others measures such as deferring the granting of green certificates until 2017 or limiting accreditations, contributes even more to the uncertainty concerning the strength and durability of the Romanian incentive scheme for production of energy from renewable sources.


Dr. Gisbert Stalfort presented the legal framework for renewable energy projects in Romania and explained the effects of the proposed GEO in detail.


Mr. Christian Weident lectured on the photovoltaic business in Romania, detailed the legal background of the current GEO draft and made practical amendment proposals.


Mrs. Andrada Harangus completed the legal presentations with a comprehensive practice report on drafting and concluding EPC agreements for the construction of energy production facilities, which was received very well by the audience.


Further presentations assessed the current amendment proposals not only from the perspective of the German politics, but also from the point of view of the Romanian Ministry of Energy and the regulatory authority. The conference was rounded up with the presentation of financing opportunities for energy projects as well as with examples of energy facilities successfully implemented in practice.


The conference provided also this year the framework for initiating new cooperation and starting specific follow-up projects. The feedback received so far was very positive. We conclude in the end that a medium and long term development strategy is necessary, which should take into account the interests of all participants (producers, suppliers, consumers and investors).


Source: AHK


From left to right some of the conference speakers:

  • Gunther Krichbaum, MdB

  • Dr. Radu Merica, President of AHK Romania

  • Maricel Popa, State Secretary in the Romanian Ministry of Economy

  • Stefan Kapferer, State Secretary in the German Ministry for Economy and Technology

  • Dr. Lazar Comanescu, Romanian Ambassador in the Federal Republic of Germany

  • Dr. Gisbert Stalfort, attorney at law

  • Sebastian Metz, administrator of AHK Romania